How to purchase images

You can purchases images as either prints created at a professional lab delivered to your door, or digital images available for download straight to your computer.

Simply click on an"add to cart" on an image you wish to purchase and you will come to the products page.

The step by step process is outlined in the slide show presentation and write up below.

You can order individual items (1) or if you click the "Packages" tab (2) you will see packages of frequently purchased combinations.


Tag the product you are after and either check out (3) or continue shopping (4).

Contact me if you are after a different size or type of print TO those on the list. To decrease confusion I only list the most commonly purchased items.


Packages offer a discount over ordering individually. Can't see a product size or package you want? Please contact me if you are after something different and I can create a new product for you.

Once in the Package tab pick the package you want by clicking the "+ Package" button.(5)

In this case I want the image as a jpg for personal use so I click the arrow in "add slot" to add it to my package (6). Continue shopping to add other images. You will see that there is now a "My packages" tab I can go to when I want to add other images (7). Fill all the slots then proceed to check out when your package is complete (8).


Here you can see what images you have chosen and this is where you apply your Discount Code (9) if you have one. Your discount will be applied on the next page.

Click Checkout (10) and Payment is through Paypal. If you don't have a pay pal account that is not a worry, there is an option for payment via Credit Card on the Pay Pal page.

You will receive an email when your images are ready to download or have been shipped.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or special order requests.


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