• Juvenile Superb Blue male Fairy Wren at dawn
  • 923 PLAYFORD Elissa April 24 2016-2
  • Aurora -1
  • chin straps on whale vertebra-1
  • working dog and sheep fr
  • SECJuneB_140622_0430
  • Angel at the door-1
  • 8445 Artes Lauries Gift Amanda Jakins-7
  • fur seal-1
  • Burra Station
  • 4 x 4.5 blue wavy berg-1
  • Wiltja Dog Obedience Club_20120916_0013 as Smart Object-1
  • Eastern Yellow Robin - worm - Nesting time is a busy one, this little worked hard all day taking food to his mate on the nest.
  • SEC April 24 2016 T-Shirt Day-14
  • Whistling Kite - Haliastur sphenurus
  • 4 x 4.5 seal and whale water thing storm-1
  • SECJune_140622_4210
  • 1 Patagonia reflections2
  • Eastern Yellow Robin - Rinse Cycle
  • SECJune_140622_0417
  • The early fireworks
  • 1882-6484
  • porposing peng-2
  • rings
  • grooming 1-
  • Pond landscape day 10
  • Collared Sparrowhawk juvenile - Accipiter cirrhocephalus
  • cattle for Kulnura Vet Clinic-1
  • Grey Goshawk - Accipiter novaehollandiae	Black and White
  • 2F4A6493-2edit
  • crow pigeon
  • Eastern Spinebill - morning sun
  • cake
  • Little Eagle 1
  • Byalee Sparkling Bright - Lourey-30
  • Eastern Yellow Robin - Portrait
  • 5188 Rarity _ A Vellere Alex 22315-6
  • Grey Fantail - Rhipidura fulinosa
  • Byalee Wow Wie 243 - Lourey-19

Next workshops -

2019 I am travelling around NSW taking photos for a book I am writing - so don't be shy if you live in a far flung place - chance are I will be passing by!

Central Coast/Newcastle - Please contact me if you are interested - I have had enquiries for a 101 course but need a few more people.

Please contact me if you would like more information.

Please contact me if you are interested in these or any future classes.

Theory and Practical sessions are run in the hinterland, NSW Central Coast but I do travel around the country side and run courses in the Mudgee and Orange areas and with enough interest anywhere else as I travel the state photographing historic buildings!

Workshops can be general in nature or specific eg birds, wildlife, horses, landscape. Fully insured and Cert IV Trainer. The basic 101 course is a full day 8 hour course or 2 hour evening followed by 6 hour day.

Comments from the Central Coast Course;

"Excellent introductory course. Super informative with a great blend of theory and practical. A+ morning and afternoon tea ;)"

"Having been using cameras since I was at High School back in the film days, this course helped me understand how to use a digital camera more effectively. Anna did a fantastic job, the course was easy to follow, the explanation of how to use a digital camera was easy to understand and presented in such a way that novice and experienced photographers can easily follow. I would recommend this course to any photographer wanting to get the best shots first time up without having to heavily rely on touching up software."

"Thanks so much for putting on the course. As a complete beginner I felt that the course covered all of the key areas I wanted to learn about!"


Looking for old Horse Event photos?? They have all been moved to "Event Archives". All portfolios for Somersby start with SEC followed by your name and date if you had a booking or the date and unbooked horses.

I am very pleased to announce that in the 2014 International Loupe Awards 5 of my Nature photos gained Bronze Awards in the Open Science and Nature Division. A great effort in such great company at International level. Images can be viewed here.

I am a photographer based on the New South Wales Central Coast, specialising in Wildlife, Equestrian and Landscape photography. In 2013 my image of an Eastern Yellow Robin bathing made the top ten finalist list for the ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year Awards (Australian Geographic ANZANG winners).

I am a visiting teacher at The Mangrove Mountain Computer Club and Birds Australia as well as offering tailored individual and group lessons.

Visit my portfolio for examples of my work or contact me to discuss your requirements.

Unfortunately a few people have done the wrong thing so I have to put this reminder up. All these photographs are under copyright. To download photos with copyrights on them, remove the copyright symbols and use them in any medium is an offence. Purchasing photos from me for private use is just that, for private use. If you wish to put them on your facebook page or blog I just ask that you credit me as the photographer. If you require photos for commercial use eg advertising, then you can purchase specifically for this.


p8006 Brianna-3433
cattle for Kulnura Vet Clinic-1
4 x 4.5 blue wavy berg-1
Markus V-29
porposing peng-1-2
923 PLAYFORD Elissa April 24 2016-2
Aurora -1-2